Vero 4.25oz Cortado Glass, Rose - One Dozen

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The Vero cortado glass is the first piece in our newest glassware collection.

Designed to be the ideal vessel for a cortado, it's not bad if you like your favorite whiskey neat, either. Usually served in a traditional rocks glass, a cortado is slightly larger in volume than a macchiato and smaller than a cappuccino. Our take on the cortado glass has exaggerated facets for a more modern appearance, as well as technical improvements for specialty coffee. We addressed the challenge of pouring latte art in a traditional rocks glass by modeling the interior curve of the cup after our Lino cappuccino cup.

The Vero cortado is available in clear, smoke, rose, and amber glass.
Please note that this item is sold BY THE DOZEN.  Order three dozen or more to take advantage of the best price! 

• Made in the USA

• Glass
• Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
• Volume: 4.25 oz. (125 ml)
• Size: 3” H x 3” W

Please note that Vero is a handmade product, and natural color variations will occur. 


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